What makes a diamond so magnificent? It is truly absolute.

The hardest natural substance known to man, a diamond can only be cut and faceted by the rotary action of its own dust. It is also the only gem composed of a single element -carbon. The carbon atoms of the diamond are bonded together under extreme pressure and heat through a process known as crystallization. This process transforms the element into a geometric form of great significance. With an appearance resembling a pebble on the ground, a rough diamond starts 120 miles below the Earth's surface, and slowly makes its way upward as magma is distributed on the surface through the volcanic process. This can take up to one to three billion years. Since their first appearance millenniums ago, diamonds have been viewed as the consummate embodiment of perfection and have represented the supreme goal and standard of human achievement. Despite the passage of time and numerous technological advances, diamonds continue to represent perfection; an ideal, a state of flawlessness. It's no wonder that diamonds are at the very heart of marriage proposals, since they are the ultimate reflection of what love should be: eternal and unconditional.

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